Happy Together

by pineapple posted October 31, 2012 category Happy Family, Lovey Dovey

Suzuki & Pei Win’s Family
Photographer: Zin Chin & Naomi Ching
Venue: Kota Damansara

For Pei Win’s family, Suzuki is a part of the family. They have known each for two years. It is such a breaking news, when Suzuki has to go back Tokyo. Pei Win decided to capture a series of family portrait, as a farewell gift for Suzuki.

Pei Win’s mum has a young heart. She is just like the youngsters in the family. She followed every pose that we proposed. They are such as a happy family! Pei Win prepared the props to be used; one of it has a deep meaning. It is a wooden plate that is being used commonly in Japan temples. You can either write your wishes or draw something on it. Pei Win drew a boy and a girl under an umbrella. In Japan, it symbolizes a loving couple.

To represent the great bond between Pei Win’s family and Suzuki, Pineapple Studio decided to go for the Japanese style concept. Therefore, we went to a Japanese Restaurant for the family portrait shoot. It was a hot day when we went for outdoor shoots. However, the photos turned out to be great! All the effort of standing under the hot sun is worth it!

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  1. Liz Ling on said:


    I’d like to ask how much for family photo shot? If shoot at my house how much you will charge?

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