For Me, For You

by pineapple posted September 23, 2012 category Lovey Dovey

Bride & Groom: Pei Yee & Guillaume Villien
Photographer: Naomi Ching & Zin Chin
Make up artist: Veron
Venue: Publika


We first met Pei Yee and Guillaume in our Pineapple Studio. We had our first brief discussion about their wedding, without any precise date or venue. However, it was a great conversation. We shared our experience in garden weddings, what are minor things to take note.

From our first impression, she is a kind and thoughtful person.  It was the first time, a client marries depends on our availability, not we follow theirs.

Before the actual day, Pei Yee requested us to shoot for her pre-wedding photos in Kuala Lumpur. It was one rainy morning, when she turned up for the make-up session. We were worried about the weather; however the show must go on.

Pei Yee was so attention to detail. She prepared all the props. We discussed what we had in mind, and she told us her ideas. On our way to Publika, the sun was curious about us, and showed up. We were delighted! Yes, we are able to get great shots today!

The pre-wedding shots went smoothly. Pei Yee and Guillaume were natural born artists. In just two hours, the process was done! Guillaume was so surprised. He thought it would take forever to finish and tiring. It was like another normal day out with Pei Yee. It was so easy!

Both of them were very satisfied with the previews. When the photos were delivered, they love it!

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